Do You Know The Different Types Of Natural Ruby Gemstone

Do You Know The Different Types Of Natural Ruby Gemstone?

Do You Know The Different Types Of Natural Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone is widely held to be one of the most precious and vibrant gemstones among all. For hundreds and thousands of years, rubies have been regarded with great reverence and have been associated with royalty. They have also been closely linked with passion and romanticism.

It has a high hardness value of 9 on the Mohs scale which makes it very valuable. Rubies have a mineral composition of Corundum or aluminum oxide. Ruby gemstones are mostly available in nature in different hues of red. The exact shade of red in rubies can depend on a number of factors. The mineral chromic oxide is responsible for the distinct red color of the rubies. Light red colored rubies and pink ones have a strong presence of iron and chromium. On the other hand, rubies that have high amounts of titanium have got the most prominent and rich shade of red.

When you are looking to buy a ruby or a set of rubies, it is very important that you get all the ruby gemstone information as that can help you to make the best purchasing decision. Here is a detailed list of the numerous varieties and types of rubies that you should learn about when you are looking to buy them.

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Burmese Ruby Gemstone

Burmese Rubies

The Burmese Rubies are widely considered to be some of the finest rubies in the whole world. These rubies vary greatly in color and can be purchased in all kinds of shades from blood red variants to brownish-red stones. Some of the most vibrant red rubies can be found in Burma and they are in high demand in all parts of the globe.

The deep red shade of Burmese rubies comes from rich amounts of chromium in them. Even though rubies from any part of the world have some form of blemishes, Burmese rubies are known to have a minimum amount of imperfections and blemishes among all. The old Burmese rubies can fetch millions of dollars and almost completely free of any blemishes.

Thai Rubies

The Thai rubies are known for their superior quality and dark hue. This is made by the fact that these rubies contain large amounts of chromium and iron in them. There are also some Thai rubies that have small traces of brownish tints in them.

They are only second to Burmese rubies when it comes to value in the international markets. Southern parts of Bangkok and Siam are some of the major points from where these rubies are mined. The rubies having tints of burgundy or brown are mainly produced in Siam.

African Rubies

African Rubies

African Rubies are mainly dark red or purplish in color. They come in a diverse range of qualities andsizes. It is believed that wearing African rubies closer to the skin can actually help in enhancing mental concentration and also enhance the glow of the skin.

These rubies can also guarantee high success in life along with great leadership skills. Tanzania and Madagascar are some of the most important locations in Africa that are known for producing rubies.

Tanzania Rubies

Tanzania Rubies

The rubies that are produced in Tanzania are extremely clear and soothing to the eyes. However, the smaller is the size of the stone; the lighter is the color of it.

This means that if you keep reducing the size of the stone, you will find that it is progressively becoming lighter. These rubies are so similar to garnets that it is often very difficult to distinguish between the two.

Madagascar Rubies

Madagascar Rubies

Madagascar rubies can have a pinkish hue or an orange-red shade that makes them unique. The good thing about these rubies is that they do not need any kind of heating for maintaining their shapes. The rubies produced in Madagascar are quite valuable and can be found in diverse shapes, sizes, and cuts.

Indian Ruby

Indian Rubies

India has been a leading producer of rubies for a long time and hardly surprising when you consider that most of our monarchs had numerous rubies in their personal collections. Most of the mines producing rubies in India are concentrated in Orissa and Mysore.

The colors and cuts in which these rubies are found are quite unique which makes them highly in demand across the world. They are also believed to have numerous healing properties which are why the rubies in India enjoy a perennial demand within the country as well as outside it.

Once you get all the ruby gem information that you must know, you can then go about purchasing rubies that are of the best quality. It is important that you only stick to certified gems when you are planning to buy rubies. A leading online store that excels in offering top grade rubies can help you to find certified rubies at the best prices.

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