List Of World’s Most Beautiful Gemstones

List Of World’s Most Beautiful Rare Gemstones

List Of World’s Most Beautiful Rare Gemstones

Nature’s wonders are not limited to the exquisite flora and fauna that is found on Earth, but it extends to the mineral that is found in the lap of the world. Their beauty is unparalleled, not just because of their unique designs, but also because of the way they are turned into jewelry.

Gem Information: Mineral composition Of Rare Gemstones

Minerals, characteristically are shaped when molten rock or magma chills or splits when in contact with cold water. In general, gem information like mineral particles is small because of their formation in confined areas such as lava flow or between grains of sediments.

It is cited that in excess of our thousand organically occurring reserves, including inorganic objects that have a distinctive chemical structure of gemstones have been discovered. They are shaped by basic molecules or distinct elements.

These rare gemstones are often found in reiterating chains, fragments or three-D arrangements. Formed of basic molecules they are differently organized in different gemstones, which determine the characteristics of the stone. In fact, the gem identification can be done on the basis of the arrangement of the molecules.

Some of the naturally occurring minerals that are found in most of the  Rare gemstones include

1. Marble

2. Gold

3. Iron

4. Tin

5. Granite.

On the other hand, silicates are also the most common variety of minerals discovered, apart from the following

1. Oxides

2. Sulphides

3. Sulphates

4. Carbonates

5. halides

Minerals have also been discovered in the shape of attractive crystals, and the most valued among them are natural gemstones. It must be mentioned here that uncut gems look like rocks. It is only when they are cut that they get their radiance and clarity.

While these can be explained in their chemical structure and mineral presence, little is known about the gemstone beauties we are going to discuss below. Interestingly, they are not discussed much because of the more popular choices of Rubies and diamonds; but they demand equal attention in terms of beauty and composition.

There is a basic difference between mineral and rock stone. Diamond is a mineral, but the list we are about to discuss mostly belong to the rock category. Rocks do not have an identifiable chemical composition as they can be made of minerals and non-minerals.

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Sunset Fire Opal Beautiful Rare Gemstones

A lot is known about the various types of opals like the Fire opal, the precious opal, and the common opal. But little is known about the sunset fire opal. Basically, fire opals have got their names from their color, which is like the color of the setting sun.

Sunset Fire Opal Beautiful Rare Gemstones

But, the uniqueness lies in the impurities that lie in the rock that provide it with a unique appeal like that of the sunset amid the clouds. They are mostly found in Ethiopia, Australia, Brazil, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Lighting Ridge Black Opal Beautiful  Rare Gemstones

The dazzling splash of colors on the black background is unbelievably beautiful. These are mostly found in the Lightning Ridge area of Australia. They are extremely valuable because of their rarity.

Lighting Ridge Black Opal Beautiful  Rare Gemstones

The dark color of the background is because the opal is formed in a darker black quartz layer that enables greater refraction, especially the red and pink color. It must be mentioned here that the reds are more valuable.

The Empress of Uruguay

The Empress of Uruguay

Standing tall at 11 feet, this is considered to be the world’s largest amethyst geode. The exposed part of the gemstone radiates tons of purple amethyst and is the top attraction at the Crystal caves Museum in Atherton, Australia. It weighs 5,500 pounds.

Ocean Inside of an Opal

Ocean Inside of an Opal

It is a hydrated amorphous form of silica. The water content may range from 3% to 21% by weight. Because of the water content, it is often classified as mineraloid unlike the other crystalline forms of silica which are considered minerals. It is deposited at low temperatures and is commonly found in limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt.



It is a crystalline, brittle, white metal with a tinge of pink to it. It is the 83rd element on the periodic table and is a post-transition element. Bismuth’s thermal and electrical conductivity is extremely low for a metal.

Some of the other unusual Rare gemstones include:

• Titanium Quartz

Titanium Quartz

• Rose Quartz Geode

Rose Quartz Geode

• Chrysocolla in Malachite  Rare  Gemstones

Chrysocolla in Malachite  Rare  Gemstones

• Azurite Rare Gemstones

Azurite Rare Gesmtones

• Scolecite


• Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

• Burmese Tourmaline

Burmese Tourmaline

• Realgar on Calcite

Realgar on Calcite

• Cobalto Calcite

Cobalto Calcite

• Uvarovite


Precious gemstones and their composition

Interestingly, gemstones have been classified into precious and semi-precious classes. This depends on the way the minerals have coagulated to form the gemstones or how abundant they are.

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