Incorporated in the year 2000, GemLab has attained pinnacle status in gemstone testing and its certification field over the years.  However, the success of GemLab is not a mere coincidence, but it has achieved pioneer status in the gemstone certification industry with its rigorous hard work, continuous research and synergy with highly skilled professionals and industry insiders.

GemLab Laboratories has been commenced with the single intent of assisting gem lovers and industry insiders to have knowledge about gemstone enhancements, origin, treatments and cumulative analysis documents tailored to gems of unique importance.

Consistent hard work and research have paid off very well to GemLab over the years, it has emerged as the most reliable brand in gemstone certification and gem testing. GemLab Laboratories issued certificate brings confidence among gem buyers and sellers about the authenticity of a gemstone.

Furthermore, the GemLab Laboratories certificate empowers gemstone buyers who generally don’t have in depth knowledge about gemstones specification and quality attributes to precisely focus on their requirements without being worried about the technical aspects of a stone.