Best Mining Place Of Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Best Mining Place Of Sapphire Gemstones

Best Mining Place Of Blue Sapphire Gemstones
Best Mining Place Of Blue Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are some of the most beautiful natural gemstones that are found in this world. They can come in various colors such as blue, purple, orange, yellow and pink. Sapphires that are found in nature usually more expensive than the ones which are heat treated. An original blue sapphire is held in high esteem among gem collectors and in the jewelry market. Sapphires are mined in various parts of the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Africa, and the USA.

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Here are some best mining place of sapphire gemstones

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been a very important destination for the mining of precious stones. They produce some of the best blue sapphire stones in the world. The sapphires mined here are known as Ceylon Blue in the international market. The Padparadscha Sapphire is yet another important stone mined here and it is known for its beautiful orange and pink pastel soft shade.


Laos has got rich deposits of blue, yellow and green sapphires. The Ban HouayXai mine is the most important location for mining sapphire here in Laos. One can also find black star sapphires in this part of the world.


Although the history of sapphire mining in Vietnam does not go back more than a few decades, this country is known to produce these gemstones in a wide variety of colors. Quy Chau and Luc Yen are known to have rich deposits of purple and pink sapphires, and they get their distinct color from chromium. In the south, most of the sapphires are dark blue, green or yellow in color. These stones get their color from numerous alkali basalt.


The Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi mines in Thailand are the most important sources for sapphires. Chanthaburi has been known for a long time for its bright golden yellow colored sapphires. The ones that were mined in Kanchanaburi had various colors like yellow, blue and pink. This region was also known for its star sapphires. The natural blue sapphire stones found in Thailand have a very dark coloration.


There are only a few regions in Myanmar that produce large quantities of sapphires. However, most of these can produce sapphires of enormous sizes, some being as big as 100 carats or even more. After testing Myanmar sapphire stones from gem testing laboratory, we know about the variety of color in sapphires.

The stones can be colorless, violet, purple, blue, pink, green and yellow. The star sapphires mined here in Myanmar can have bright and prominent stars that are much clearer and distinct compared to the ones in sapphires produced in other parts of the world.


Sakarahaand Ilakaka on the island of Madagascar is active mines producing sapphire stones. The mines close to Andranondambo and Tolanarohave a rich deposit of blue sapphire stones that are of very high quality.

North Carolina

Old Presley Sapphire Mine in North Carolina of Haywood County has long been associated with the mining of sapphires. A 1445 carat sapphire called Star of the Carolinas was mined from here at one point of time. Now it is a rich source of sapphires and moonstones.

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