Gemstone Certification Important Factors That You Have To Know

Gemstone Certification: Important Factors That You Have To Know

Gemstone Certification Important Factors That You Have To Know
Gemstone Certification Important Factors That You Have To Know

Not all gemstones need certification, especially if they are not natural gemstones. If you know that you are buying lab-grown gemstones, why invest in a gemstone certification?

However, if you are unsure of what the seller is trying to sell you, without any certification, ensure that you get it certified from a gemologist. Best still, send it across to a gemological institute for authentication.

Gem certification is a document issued by the licensed gemological laboratory, which defines the various internal and external characteristics of a gem or a diamond.

Some certificates verify authenticity and weight, some specify color and clarity grades, which might also include identifying marks and a map of the stone.

There are other documents that show if the stone has been treated with laser or is of natural origin.

Gemstone Certification Makes You A Smart Buyer

It must be remembered that natural, untreated stone is far more valuable than the treated stone because the former is rare.

However, understanding the difference between the two is not enough, but the difference in the acceptability of the treatments themselves can help you make a smart buyer.

What Is The Aim Of A Gemstone Report And Gemstone Certification?

The main aim of the gemstone report is to determine whether the stone is of synthetic origin or natural?

The report presents different kinds of data such as information about the cut, the clarity, the shape, the transparency, color, weight, and the measurements.

These details are obtained using some of the most advanced gemological techniques and equipment.

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Why Is Gem Information Important?

It not only affects the value of the gemstone but also helps in the maintenance of the same. So, if you know how the gemstone has been curated, you would know how to take care of it.

In fact, the gem information can also affect gemstone’s appearance and durability. Some stones, if treated to a significant degree may require special care and therefore gathering the gemstone information is important.

Gemstone certification information may include the following details, if not more:

• Whether the gemstone is natural or fake(synthetic).

• Non-heated and non-treated gemstone

• The color quality of the gemstone

• Weight of the gemstone in carats

• Different types of cuts of stone

• The specific gravity of the gems

• Refractive index of gems

• Hardness in Moh’s Scale

A gemstone certificate, however, might not be accompanied by a diagram or a photograph. With a detailed report, one can also trace inclusions, which again can help one understand the country of origin of the gemstone.

If the certificate is that of a diamond, the report will have a plot of the internal and the external characteristics of the diamond.

If it is a colored stone that the lab is dealing with, the report is not likely to have a plot, but the picture of the colored stone.

Certification of gemstones is not just helpful in getting potential buyers, but also helpful in tracking a gem if it is lost or stolen.

The gem labs are accurate in the measurements of the gem by one-hundredth of a millimeter. Once found, the certificate can prove the ownership of the gem.

Cost Of Obtaining A Gemstone Certification

Obtaining a gemstone certification is costly and a very lengthy process. Many vendors usually provide a truncated report, but that is not the correct determiner of the authenticity of the gemstone.

A detailed report may take weeks and hundreds of dollars, but it is always recommended to have one before making a purchase.

You might also want to delay the purchase for a few days to wait for the report because if the results do not match with the claim of the seller, you might want to rethink buying that stone or might even plan to negotiate for a better price.

Even if you choose to buy gemstones online, ensure that you have a third-party certification, not a seller’s warranty or letter of gemstone authentication.

Remember, certifications also help in appraisals and for insurance purposes. A certificate of authentication will also help you understand how to maintain the gemstone, whether it requires any special care or not.

For instance, pears have to be kept aside and should not be in touch with other gemstones. It has to be maintained carefully to ensure that its white glow remains forever.

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